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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ellen: anyway. now, 4 headlines, number one campus shooting a lock down at ohio state university, we have driver killed, we're learning more about a man who stopped to help and was hit by a car. number 3, tragic house fire. firefighters had a hard time putting out these flames, and number 4, save your spot. people are already putting chairs out for a parade that's still 4 days away. good afternoon. well, right now we're learning new information about a shooting on
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university, 2 hours of terror when a man on campus drove onto a sidewalk and then jumped out of the car and started stabbing people. a campus officer shot him to death. the only shots fired came from the officer. 8 people are wounded but recovering. the school sent out tweets about 9:30 this morning putting the campus on active shooter lock down. and in one classroom students used chairs stacked against the door hoping to keep the guy out. that lock down today but we are awaiting a news conference on this situation momentarily. we're going to bring that to you as soon as it happens like we said at any moment now. and right now an update to a deadly crash. the man accused of hitting a tow truck driver is still in jail right now.
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when he hit hand. >> we spoke with hand's family today. perez was given a one thousand dollars bond, troopers say hands was hit in the south band lanes of i-275 sunday morning. hand was helping a diction abled motorist when perez lost control of his vehicle and hit him. hand work with crockets towing and recovery. his family tells us this last week was s he was set to turn in his keys. they say he loved his work and did everything he could to be safe. >> don't let him out. why are you setting a bond for somebody? the guy -- if it was somebody else who robbed a bank they might still be setting there for 6 months. you kill somebody you get out tomorrow. >> reporter: family members are planning a memorial service for
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also right now one person is dead, another in the hospital following a house fire. this video was shared with us. you can see flames shooting out of the home on gulf view court. investigators are trying to determine the cause of that fire which was very hard for hillsborough county rescue to put out. they tell us they had to use several tankers of waters because there were no fire hydrants nearby. now, your first at 4 weather. . >> appeared we've had some extra clouds around as you're back to work today, kids are back to school. not a bad day but definitely been a bit overcast at times. temperatures fairly mild, we're sitting at 75 this afternoon. no rain at this location but you may have seen some drops on the windshield so far today. we've seen light showers and aspirin ankles at times across the tampa bay area.
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look at max defender 8 all is looking clear. you can see with the live sweep we're not tracking any showers but doesn't mean we can't see some light sprinkles still around or maybe even a little shower through the rest of this afternoon and evening. temperatures right now in the mid to upper 70s for a lot of us. this is what's average for this time of the year here in the tampa bay area. we're sitting at 77 in tampa, 73 in clearwater and 7 petersburg. tonight temperatures will drop back into the mid to upper 60s, a very mild start tomorrow morning. breaking news now i want to take you to that news conference live at ohio state university. >> 3 of the people who were injured are here in the hospital to let them know how much we are praying and supporting them and a complete and speedy recovery.
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good spirits. a couple of the people are having more work done and i think that dr. thomas can give you updates on that. our thoughts and prayers with them. let me move out of the way and give you our director of public safety. . >> so just give you a brief time line of events this morning. that we ha called out that a car had hit about 7 to 8 pedestrians this happened at 9:52 he called on the radio into the dispatch center. a few seconds later the officer called out to a call that indicated officer in trouble, that there was a man with a knife. at 9:53, that same officer called out that there were shots fired and that he had
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engaged the suspect, and so the suspect drove his vehicle into a group of pedestrians, there were some injuries that resulted from that. the suspect then got out of the vehicle with a knife, and began cutting individuals in the air. and the officer engaged the suspect and fired shots and used deadly force to stop the threat. the threat to safety was ended at that time. several responded in addition to osu pd. and began to surround the area. we also followed up on other possibilities and other leads that were going on . the lane avenue parking garage there was rumor that there might have been another potential threat there. that was thoroughly searched and turned out not to be true. i would like to share with you today the officer's name who we all owe a debt of
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job today. he's a 28-year old officer named allen horojko. he's been with osu since january of 2018. and the suspect's name we can confirm that the suspect was an osu student named abdul artan. we do not have any information at the the investigation is ongoing in that regard. we have some information or updates about the patients? >> i also wanted to say the several people who are joining on stage i wanted to say that the support we've received from the city and the mayor support from the state and our governor is with us, also our representative from congress is here this afternoon. so just wanted to mention those people and maybe have andy come and
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>> thank you. good afternoon. my name is and drew thomas. a brief update on the individuals involved in this situation that were both brought here as well as to 2 other hospitals in the city. we had -- we've had 6 total individuals of that either been brought here by ems or come in on their own. earlier today that number was 5 since our press conference earlier today we've h the car, who came in with some injuries and is currently being assessed downstairs. beyond that there were 2 stab victims, 2 other victims of having been hit by the car, and then one other victim with some lacerations that we are -- we're working on. there are 2 patients that were taken to riverside hospital north of campus both of those individuals
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one as orthopedic injury and the other actually has a minor neurologic injury with a skull fracture, is being observed but is awake and talking and appears to be stable from what i'm told by my colleagues there. there are 2 individuals that were taken to grant that i mentioned earlier today with lacerations and then one additional patient that has shown up at grant hospital who was a victim of being hit by an orthopedic injury and since been discharged from their emergency department. with that i'll turn things back over. >> i think chief stone has some more specific information about the incident. . >> thanks. we have a very elaborate camera system on the campus. and we went back and checked video and
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vehicle entering campus on kenny road and were able to backtrack and following the vehicle all the way to the crime scene. so we actually have the vehicle on woodrift and have the vehicle on 19th before the incident occurred. so i just want to thank all of our officers for the fine job that they do. also our communications people and by tracking this vehicle down we could tell that the suspect was in the cy and also i appreciate the response by the city, county, state and our federal partners who are assisting us in this ongoing investigation. thank you. . >> i think that's the information, if there is a question or two. >> [audio difficulty]. >> well i'll let law enforcement
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you that the suspect was by himself in the vehicle and committed this act by himself today. it's an ongoing investigation to determine motive and if anybody else was involved in this act. . >> [audio difficulty] . >> all right you're listening to a news conference on the osu campus talking about this morning's events. just before 10:00 in ohio on the campu campus and drove his car into 7 to 8 pedestrians in the area of the chemical building there and several students and people in that area were injured, and also after that fact the man got out of the vehicle and started stabbing and cutting people, we're told, from this news conference and self were injured from that incident. now, an osu officer on scene shot and killed that suspect, he's being credited as a hero today, but as we know there were several 7 to
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people brought to local hospitals with stab wounds and/or being hit by that vehicle. so we're told that all of them are recovering right now. we heard of a skull fracture probably the most serious of all the situations and conditions that we've heard of, but that is the latest on the ohio state university shooting. we'll have more for you today at 5, 6 and 11:00. moving onto cuba, it is now in the third day of national mourning for fidel castro who died you're looking at the height lines people waiting to view his ashes. . >> reporter: preparations for ceremonies today where fidel castro will be honored before his remains are carried through the islands provinces more than 500 miles to their final resting place sunday. at the university of havana students held their own memorial
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good man, he always thought -- fought for the rights of cuban people. >> reporter: across the city a dramatically different point of view. the ladies in white saying state security police warned them to stay home this week instead of holding their weekly march. >> so will things change now that fidel has gone or is everything the same? she says nothing will change. rauel will continue his war. having to fight 11 american presidents fidel castro's passing was noted in strikingly different ways by president obama and president elect donald trump obama praising cost castro. trump
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the white house sees obama's opening to cuba as a center piece of his legacy. . >> now, for decades congress has refused to left the trade embargo so president obama's economic opening to havana was done mostly through executive order. president elect trump can reverse all of that once he takes office. we sent jeff patterson to cuba today. he should be arriving any minute now and as soon as as 6:00. meanwhile back only over in lakeland people are now -- not wasting anytime getting spot for the christmas parade. we found chairs marking spots today and guess what, the parade is thursday. as you can imagine this events with more than 100 floats draws a huge crowd and these spots are hard to get the day of the parade. it kicks off at 7:00 on thursday night.
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will spend today and then the idea to bury frozen fish in an ice rink may have sounded good to some at the time but now this rink is closed. find out why coming up on first at 4. z25ehz z16fz
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y26hty y16fy . it is cyber monday and according to the national retail federation more than 122 million today that's up from the 121 million who planned to participate last year meanwhile americans spent less money over the 4-day holiday weekend. we're going to take a closer look at cyber monday coming up at 4:30. and if you're shopping for toys the consumer product safety commission has some tips first suggests heeding the age label for kids younger than 3
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that can be choking hazards. if you're buying a riding toy be sure the child has a helmet. and avoid magnetic sets. if a child swallows them it could mean a trip to the er. and if you find one of the 37,000 golden bud light cans being distributed, take a picture with the can and post it on social media you could win tickets to the super bowl for life. 6 winners will be chosen per week and get a pair of season tickets to their favorite team. the big winner will be picked during the week of january 16th. and news channel 8 will host its 8th annual kindness day next friday december 9th. we're making it easy for to you donate to the needy this holiday season by creating a drive through donation drop-off.
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new teddy bear for rough riders an unwrapped toy or even pull over and give blood. a lot you can do there. again that's december 9th in the news channel 8 parking lot starting at 6 a.m. and we hope to see you out there. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast. >> and max defender 8 this afternoon showing us mostly quiet conditions, but you m on your windshield earlier today. we've seen light sprinkles but not much that we're going to be seeing on the radar, just very light stuff if we do seeing anything at all. so still looking forward to seeing some measurable rainfall across the tampa bay area. it's been a while since we've seen that and this answer mainly what we're seeing is extra clouds around. 77 degrees winds coming in out of the south at around
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city center but notice you can see the darker clouds, and we've been seeing a lot of that today. again, maybe a light passing shower at your house, maybe a few sprinkles. as we head throughout the rest of tonight you'll see the clouds will linger for a bit. when you wake up tomorrow morning starting off the day mild in st. pete in the upper 60s, we will see more so more sun than clouds but still have partly cloudy skies as we head into the afternoon hours and temperatures are going to heat up quickly as well. we'll top out in the low 80s with our south winds starting to pick up and that's going to help our temperatures start to rise when we do start to see sunshine. today we're seeing the breezy southeast winds come in between 10 to 15 miles per hour. it's been a breezy day, but a fairly mild day. temperatures close to
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year, 76 right now. it's 73 in apollo beach. 78 in bradenton. so as we head throughout the ref this evening we could see a sprinkle maybe a very light shower but dealing with clouds into the overnight. tomorrow morning will be a dry start to the day, a little bit of a breeze to begin with and see partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures reaching into the low to mid-80s by the afternoon hours. slight rain chance on thursday with our next front with our temperatures dropping back into the mid-70s. then as we may see another front roll through. it's just that time of year. we look forward to the cold front and the temperatures dropping the next few days you'll notice the heat and also some of the humidity. >> a short time though. >> short time. >> all right. we can handle that. a skating rink in southwestern japan temporarily closing after this. a fire storm of online criticism because people enraged they
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the ice along with photos of big fish including that sting ray right there. online criticism and comments drove the park operator to pull the plug. the manager has since apologized. coming up history made in cuba the first commercial flight lands today and see more coming up at 4:30. also one item sells very well on black friday. we're talking about guns. see if sales went up this year and then in sports the bucs boy, did they have a great game. we'll have the highlights from the big win and find out what is next for the team. and you can get developments on all of today's biggest stories every night at
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make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards...
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first at 4 sports. >> intercepted at the 4-yard line. got the pick of the 3. how about them buccaneers? >> hs ? they sleigh another nfl giant. what a game. the bucs accomplished 2 things, one they beat the seahawks and 2 they held still in now, in the first quarter they go on a 14 play drive. still in the first quarter the second touchdown catch of the day 14-0 and 4th quarter wilson completes the pass, fumble david picks it up and returns it 53 yards, so that's 14-5, that will be the final and the defense sacked wilson 6 massive times yesterday. it was fun to watch.
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coach right now. and we'll have that at 6:00. the bucs playing
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. now, 4 head lines number one following the death of fidel castro president elect donald trump is threatening to end the easing of relations with cuba initiated boot obama administration. tr president's plans if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal. jeff patterson is arriving right now. he will have live reports for you as soon as he can. number 2 an attacker shot and killed at ohio state university. we know his name is abdul artan. he was a somali born legal permanent resident of the united states. investigators believe he drove into a crowd on campus,
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the officer saw what he was doing and shot him. 9 people are recovering from injuries at this point. no word on a motive yet. and number 3 italian firefighters just released video of damage caused by land slides. they were triggered by flooding. firefighters are still trying to contact families living in unsafe homes. >> and number 4 a the trash can is about 65 feet from the embassy, a bomb squad detonated that bomb safely. well following bishop robert livable's retirement gregory l parks is the next leader the diocese. he'll take over the second biggest diocese in the state of florida. we're live in st. petersburg.
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. >> reporter: that's right. i want to say good evening. bishop parks was introduced to members of his new diocese earlier today and thanked pope francis for his appointment and talked about where he wants to go from here. >> when a new bishop arrives there's a lot of questions that people have. one of them typically is bishop what is your vision for our diocese? and i hope that opportunity to get to know our diocese. in a real and substantial way, to get to know people, to get to know the parishes, to get to know you and to see what opportunities lie ahead for us and then in a lob a active way to address those an move forward. so i
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parishes, visiting with our priests, visiting with our staff, talking to our people and listening, listening to them to see where we are and where the lord may be calling us to go as a diocese. . >> reporter: bishop parks installment ceremony is scheduled for the first week in january and tells me he cannot wait to hit the ground running. >> and i know bishop parks is coming from what the 7th biggest diocese toe biggest. does he have any concerns? >> reporter: only a few, he's coming from being the bishop of 60,000 to almost a half a million here in tampa. he told me it took him about a year to get to all the parishes and told me it's going to take him a little longer than that to meet everyone here. >> you can tell he's a patient man and going to listen a lot.
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your first at 4 weather. >> we're dealing with some extra clouds around on this monday. you can see that from our camera out at the lakeland auto mall in polk county 73 degrees. so because of the extra clouds temperatures have been held back a little bit. fairly light winds at this location coming in out of the south and east. no measurable rainfall but a lot of us have seen some real light sprinkles or light showers as well. so the start of winter just 23 days away, christmas 27 days away and new year's day just 34 i want to remind you that the storm team 8 really loves to support the rough rider teddy bear round up. so if you're able to get some new bears stop by wfla if you can, and you can see all the drop off locations there may be some close to your house on so if you haven't gotten a teddy bear before participate this year if you can. also the toys for tots
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us to support our community as well. our temperatures not quite feeling like it just yet. you can see the next few days high temperatures are into the mid-80s, so we're going to be above average staying above average but at least with a couple of front we get back closer to the seasonal average of 75. we'll have a full look at what rain chances look like coming up. if you couldn't be enticed weekend retailers are hoping cyber monday deals reel you in today. we show you what retailers are hoping for. . >> reporter: with 122 million americans expected to shop online today. >> too crowded and crazy and i'd rather be at peace when i'm doing my shopping. >> reporter: there's little peace for retailers including amazon. >> when somebody orders it could be a matter of minutes when it starts to ship out of this building. >> reporter: the company hopes
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took in last cyber monday. brick and mortars are offering online discounts as well. internet retail sales cracked $3 billion for the first time. >> millennials in particular shopped 85%, 86% were out on black friday shopping in stores and online. >> that demographic is hoping to drive shopping's evolution. walmart and target report over half were and tablets. >> consumers are shopping differently much more aggressive particularly on mobile. >> spending today is expected to edge out black friday's online record contributing to the 1.8 billion packages forecast to ship this holiday season. . >> fed ex, ups and the united postal service say they're bringing in a total of 185,000 temporary workers to help
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we put a list of the top cyber monday web sites on our website this weekend you didn't need to find deals on only appliances and electronics because guns are a hot seller as well. and this year is no different. . >> call it an improving economy, call it fear, call it whatever you want floridians bought more guns this past black friday than they did the year before. the florid enforcement ran 10,122 background checks this past friday up from 8,251 last year. and the state could get more gun friendly next we're can the so-called guns on campus bill allowed permitted and concealed carry on college campuses. >> you have the chairman that held those bills up no longer in the senate so certainly that's going to have some impact. you've got a lot of house members of that voted on that legislation now in the senate.
4:39 pm
continue to work to try to promote the rights of second amendment and concealed permit carry holders. >> so far more than 95,000 background checks have been performed this month up almost 15% from last year. now, making news across america police are still looking for 2 gunman who fired shots at each other in new orleans. you can see the crowd running to get aw according to the police chief none of them were intended targets. the streets were packed this weekend because of the holiday. hundreds of uber drivers are planning to join a national protest tomorrow for higher minimum wages. it's part of a combined effort with our hourly fast food and airport workers. the group fight for 15 will idle their cars and manner with other industry workers.
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minimum wage has been approved in a few states. the first commercial flight from the united states to cuba in more than 50 years happens today. . water was sprayed from fire trucks along the plane as it taxied along the runway. there was no music, there is a state sanctioned ban on fidel castro. the u.s. capital christmas tree is being put up in the west lawn right now. it traveled more than 3,700 miles from a forest in idaho. it will be hung with or in aments. now, the lighting ceremony is set for december 6th. still ahead. >> i just wrapped up a fitness class voted the best of tampa bay. i'll show you why
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. >> then you'll want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories. . >> go. i don't understand what you're doing. >> why is she so mad? got something to do with a dog, hillsborough county resource center. >> today i'm trying to help a woman who dropped off 38 pounds of clothes at this land row mat
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. welcome back. thanksgiving weekend kicked off the holiday movie season and no one is too surprised that disney scored big. we rundown the top 5 money makers. >> the rifle finished weekend in 5th place.
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dr. strange crossed the 200 million mark taking in $13.4 million for 4th place. fantastic beasts and where to find them had a strong second weekend with $45.1 million but only good enough for second place. . >> no, stop. hey. . >> disney's latest animated ad earning 55 and a half million dollars. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast . >> we've seen a lot of extra clouds around today and max defender 8 picking up on some very light showers or sprinkles rolling through the area. the southeast winds travel from southeast to northwest not
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sprinkles or light rain drops on the windshield so far today. anything we're going to see for the rest of this afternoon and evening is going to stay very light. the heavy showers and storms and severe that we're tracking is expected to be in the southeast out ahead of a cold front and you can see it rolling through parts of mississippi moving towards alabama. parts of this area have been seeing drought conditions so this is most likely actually welcomed rain for this region of the cou. likely going to continue for at least a few more days. average november rainfall for us just over one and a half inches of rain. so far this month we've only picked up 1-1 hundredth of an inch of rain. and there's only 2 more days left of the month. so for us again we're tied in second place right now. so definitely been a dry period for us. as we head into the
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see some light sprinkles around through this evening but likely not going to see a whole lot of measurable rainfall. at 11 p.m. our temperatures sitting in the low 70s, when you wake up tomorrow morning we'll start the stay off in the upper 60s, as we head into the answer hours we'll see more sunshine tomorrow than we saw today. we'll top out in the low 80s during the afternoon hours. right now sitting at 77 in downtown tampa. dew points are rising as well. they're in the low 60s, we'll start to feel a littl next couple of days and temperatures right around average in the mid-70s right now. there's that front we're watching well to the west of us. for us it will stay warm tonight. could see a sprinkle dry start tomorrow morning and mostly dry through the day. it's going to warm up quickly. we'll top out in the plea to mid-80s, wednesday look for mostly dry conditions. thursday is the day where the cold front will move through, we'll bring
4:48 pm
rainfall on thursday and see our temperatures fall back into the mid-70s heading into the weekend, saturday looking good, sunday possibly another front heading our way. have to see about that one since it's a little farther out but going to have some changes. >> are we going to flirt with the cold weather we had a week ago? >> if we do it wouldn't be until the end of next weekend or the start of the week. well, check this out a dog rear twins abandoned by their mother. they live in a zoo keeper's living room. the dog quickly adapted to the role of surrogate mother she plays with them and they sleep with her. and when they get big enough they'll live with other tigers at the zoo. >> we'll be right back with more
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stuffing turkey and ally trimmings, now, it's time to burn calories and today we check in with a fitness united states about their secrets to dropping pounds during holiday and the coach that sees them through a work out designed to shred fat away. >> i gave myself time to cool down but i just took a class dubbed the best work out in tampa bay, and now i'm going to show you why everyone is so crazy for this cardio. it's a combination of a different workouts wrapped up into one. kelly's crazy cardio classes earned her all 3 best of the bay fitness categories group trainer and gym. >> i'm like out of everybody, this is awesome. >> in the warehouse district of downtown st. petersburg work out united states combine cardio and boxing. >> we mix the cardio with the
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fat. >> i'm a huge believer everybody needs weights, women and men. we rely on it. >> and now advice from the people seeing results. >> i was 30 pounds heavier. >> you lost 30 pounds? >> yes. i cannot say it's easy, but it get better. it get better and at first you can not do it and then you can do it. >> create a buddy system. >> enencouraging. >> so you had to do it. >> every class is different. >> and like i learned the hard way just when you think you can't go on another minute. >> what's a matter your shoulder's sore. >> the mind gives up way before the body does. >> we've got to give you a shout out you made it through the whole class. >> it was not easy . >> well fitness experts will tell you do not wait until the
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easier to do it now. and also in health news dementia rates have fallen from 11.6% in 2000 to 8.8% in 2012. scientists think the doctors is the rise in education levels in america and better heart health. still up to 5 million americansu and having a couple of glasses of wine could be good for your health but more could be opposite the effect. people who have one or 2 alcoholic drinks a day reduce their risk of a stroke by 8%. people who had more than a dripping increased dr. risk by 14%. however lead author also recommends non-drinkers should not start to drink as a health measurement coming up digging a hole for know reason at all and getting people to donate to make that happen.
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we're going to tell you why people are throwing their money in this whole when first at 4 returns in a few minutes.
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make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards... get a $5.00 gift certificate for yourself. only at steak 'n shake. let's take a look at what's trending starting with the band okay go, which made headlines with a new video. you may have seen it. there you have it. that's the entire video for okay go and their new song -- their new song, one moment
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the video slowed down. it's really cool if you watch the whole thing but here is a story trending online. how would you like to have your pizza delivered by reindeer? domino's is testing the method in snow in japan this winter. they are exploring delivery cases on a renders back or requiring them to drag a pizza slide. cards against humanity is holding a holiday fundraiser to dig a at all. the donations are flowing and pepper talking about more than $100,000 to fund the dig. the whole continues the company's snarky holiday fundraisers. we have much more news coming your way at 5:00 with jen and keith.>> right now on news channel 8 at 5:00: >> attack at ohio state.
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brandishing a knife. but we know about the attack. and death of a dictator. cuba remembers fidel castro and looks to the future. it's the third time this year a tow truck driver was killed as he stopped on the side of the road to help someone. i'm jennifer lee. >> and i we begin with breaking news. we are learning more about the attacker who sent 11 people to the hospital at ohio state university. sources tell nbc news that the man was a student and of the united states. what was first reported as an active shooter situation turned out to be a bizarre and violent scene. command driving his car into a crowd, getting out, and then started stabbing people with a knife. respa loan is in columbus with the update. truck midmorning, calm and then chaos in one of the nation's largest college campuses, ohio state university.


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